Monday, February 23, 2009


As time passes, I'm less and less happy with the experience of reading a novel in blog form like this. So I've taken the passive step of not posting a new installment in quite some time. I'm considering taking down the whole blog.

The main reason, again, is that I think this turns out to be a problematic way to read a long piece of writing. With all the debate lately about whether a Kindle is a substitute for a real book, one thing feels clear to me: a computer is certainly not a substitute for a real book.

My second reason for wanting to junk this blog is that I got some constructive advice recently and decided to make some basic changes to "Void Where Prohibited." So the version of the novel that exists here online is no longer the novel as I envision it. I never expected to do any more revisions to this novel. But the advice I got made so much sense that I couldn't ignore it.

So that's what's going on. If anyone is sitting out there in the world dying to know what happens next in the novel, please post a comment here in the next few days. I'll see it. It will help me decide what to do about this situation I find myself in.

Many thanks to everyone who's visited this blog. There's no purely rational reason to read about imaginary people. It's always a small act of faith to give a work of fiction a chance. I'm grateful to those who've done so here.

Thank you.

- David Quigg